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and logistics CRM

Automate your key business processes to make data-backed
decisions with CRM Creatio solutions for transportation and logistics

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GetFreight CRM logistics solution empower your
supply chain and gain a 360 degree visibility
into your business


GetFreight CRM acts as a one-point solution to manage various logistics operations in smarter way.
  • Create Customers/ Suppliers/ Agents Profile
  • Mange entire sales leads & quotations
  • Schedule appointments & get notifications
  • Extensive reports for analysis
  • Batch wise sales pipeline report
  • Feasibility to re-allocate sales persons
  • Monitor Sales person wise Progress history


Improved Marketing Efforts & Customer Experience

Empowered Sales Management

Automated analytics and Reporting

Enhanced contact management

Eliminate tedious data entry and duplication

Increased Accountability

Identifying the sources of customer growth

Increased customer satisfaction and retention

Unified customer

A comprehensive CRM database allows building a 360-degree view of all customer interactions in one place:
  • Tools to store all accounts and contacts, master customer data management: service history, social media profiles, addresses with map view capability, and the entire history of interactions
  • Targeted communication strategy management
  • Customer satisfaction surveys, feedback management
  • Advance administration Control panel to manage the site.
  • Easy business network buildup and update of Consignment status.
  • Search engines - All pages can be found and indexed by common search engines like Google. Pages with the same content but different layout are indexed only one time.

Routes and logistics

Creatio offers a set of tools to create the best customer experience using routes planning techniques:
  • Quick shipment requests processing
  • Tools to create optimal shipment routs using several customer requests
  • Real-time route and time of arrival altering tools in case of a delay
  • Capabilities to efficiently manage all transit points
  • Case routing through the most efficient passes, escalation

Customer request and
order management

Bring customer requests handling to a new level with Creatio:
  • Advanced capabilities to automatically manage all customer requests using
  • Tools to develop a smart real-time system of owner assignment, estimate expected transportation rates, track request fulfillment status
  • Instant calculation of all specific transportation data: points of loading, shipment, items size and value estimation

Flexible analytics and
reporting tools

Save your time and boost your efficiency with comprehensive analytical tools:
  • Automatic reporting of cargo transportation status
  • Preconfigured reports and graphs to perform the plan vs. actual analysis of key indicators for the results of the cyclic tasks
  • Financial reports to forecast future activities, plan and analyze operations using a bundle of sections: income and expenditures, time period, transportation destination etc

Service automation tools

Implement a scalable system to automate company's service processes:
  • Capabilities to create bundle of services and increase their management capabilities
  • Powerful tools to plan logistics chains, define additional services during the whole transportation process or at its specific stage
  • Customer service personalization, contact center business processes automation and loyalty programs
  • Single-window agent interface to work with data stored on a vessel-based tablets collecting various information from the trip to provide personalized customer support


  • Basic Plan
  • FREE /For 10 Days
  • POD, Contact , Account, and Deal Management
  • POD Sorting
  • POD Generation
  • Consignor Management
  • Consignee Management