How to get or domain extensions for schools and colleges

How to get or domain extensions for schools and colleges

Who can get it:

Getting a edu(dot)in or ac(dot)in domain name is simple and easy if you are an accredited school or college in India.

  • Accredited Universities
  • Government Registered Colleges
  • Government Registered Schools

Who can’t get it:

  • Skill Training Centres and Academies
  • Tuition Centres
  • Informal Schools
  • Play Schools without accreditation

Why should I get it?

Having a edu(dot)in or ac(dot)in domain will get you plenty of benefits and save millions of rupee every year for an institution if used productively.

Once you register and your domain is approved, you get access to premium tools like G Suite for Education, Canva Pro, Microsoft Teams, Lucid Chart, Microsoft Office, Autodesk, Amazon Prime, Github etc.,

Any users in the institution can make use of these tools till they have access to their email account that is created with the domain.

Application Process:

  • Total Duration: 5 to 10 Days
  • Cost: 1500/Year. Detailed costing can be seen here
  • Setup Cost: 0
  • Skill Level: Not Required
  • Keep this ready before applying:
  • School / College Registration Certificate
  • Updated Letter with Accreditation Details
  • Judiciary Stamp Paper of Rs 100
  • Payments: Credit Card / Net Banking / UPI

How to apply for for edu or ac .in domains? (Three Simple Steps)

  1. Step1: Log on to
  2. Step2: Do relevant changes and print this Annexure A on a Rs.100 judicial stamp paper
  3. Step3: Do relevant changes and print this Annexure B in the official Institution letterhead. Make sure all the details are same as per the government records

Keep the copy of following ready:

1. Undertaking by Public and Private or Autonomous Schools/ Colleges/ Universities/ Institutions on stamp paper of Rs.100/- in a format given at Annexure-‘A’ (As mentioned in Step2)

2. Request letter on letterhead of the institute applying for domain duly signed and stamped by head of the institute in a sample format given at Annexure-‘B’ (As mentioned in Step3)

3. All certified documents in support of legal status of entity (EB Bill or Bank Passbook)

4. Affiliation/Approval/ Recognition letter of Central/ State Education board/University/ AICTE/Govt./ UGC etc

5. Organization’s address proof issued by Government authority

6. In case of Societies/Trust/Autonomous bodies applicant, the copy of affiliation of the academic institution opened under it and for which domain name is applied.

7. Copy of appointment letter of head of organization (ie Headmaster, Principal/ Director or VC/ Chancellor etc) and authorization letter in r/o of official authorised for performing all legal responsibilities essential and incidental for obtaining domain registration and also to provide admin rights etc.

The Process for registering an domain

  1. Institutes after confirming their eligibility must apply for domain name in the ERNET website
  2. You need to ensure that the domain name matches the name or abbreviation of the institute
  3. The institute has to submit an undertaking on the non-judiciary stamp paper of Rs.100.00
  4. An application letter should be submitted for the domain registration in institution letterhead which should be signed and sealed by the institution head
  5. Necessary Affiliation documents proving that you are a legal entity
  6. Organization address proof should be submitted
  7. Authorization letter of the concerned officials is also a must
  8. All these documents have to be collected and uploaded in the PDF format and payment should be made through online mode as well.
  9. The true copies of above documents may be sent to ERNET India, New Delhi office, within 10 days of submission of online application.