SEO or PPC? Which One is better for Your Business

Organic Traffic or Paid Advertising : Both of the options are fantastic but one needs to understand the difference. SEO is time consuming & changing process while PPC is quick & result-oriented.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and what it does is enhancing the quality and quantity of website traffic. It does this through several methods; one of them is increasing the visibility of the web page to its users.

SEO: Improve your organic traffic

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Why SEO?

  • SEO is an effort to alter how you rank in the Search Engines by looking at aspects such as link popularity and Page Rank.
  • These ranks appear on the main search engine result page instead of the box as in case of PPC links those appear in the box.
  • Many people like SEO method as compared to PPC because it is free and they have not to invest here in this online marketing campaign.

What are the pros and cons of organic traffic from search engines?


Visibility in search engines for your targeted keywords puts your business in front of potential customers in much the same way as if you were to advertise, and it drives brand awareness.


Visibility around commercial search terms and informational queries related to your business area can have a positive branding benefit. Your brand can become associated with and trusted by searchers who are asking questions as they conduct the research that will lead to a purchase. You can become an authoritative voice around a given topic.

Credibility and trust:

Having your site return in the organic results can influence your perceived credibility with an audience looking for your services. Many users skip ads and trust organic results more highly. Being visible gives your business that all-important stamp of approval. 

Website traffic:

Increasing website traffic provides you with more opportunities to drive awareness of your business and educate a prospect as to why they would buy from you.

Cost per click:

Traffic from organic search is free… sort of. Developing that visibility will take time and effort (money), but there is not a direct charge for each impression or click.

Return on investment (ROI):

Organic search engine traffic can provide an improved ROI over traditional forms of paid media and certainly improve upon PPC.


While SEO is neither cheap nor easy, it will generally be more cost-effective than all other marketing tactics for delivering brand awareness and relevant traffic to your website.

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PPC – Pay-per-click

PPC stands for Pay-per-click, which is a mechanism that allows advertisers to pay a fee each time their ad is clicked online. It is usually adopted by high-tech firms operating in the market today.

What are the pros and cons of Paid traffic from search engines?

Position on the page:

Paid search dominates above-the-fold content. With typically four ads on desktop and three on mobile, a user will always see the paid search ads, even if they choose to scroll past them.

Improved ads:

PPC ads are just that: advertisements. As such, you have far more granular control and more space for delivering your marketing messages. Calls, locations, sitelinks, pricing and bullet points (callouts) are just some of the options for creating ads that dominate the page.

Visual product ads.:

Where you sell a product, Google provides the option of visual shopping ads (Product Listing Ads, or PLAs) that can help a user see what they will be clicking on. This kind of ad can really improve the click-through rate by offering a feature not available in organic search.

Brand visibility:

Running paid search advertisements gets you seen by the right people. Even if they back off and conduct a brand search before clicking to your site, that visibility will pay dividends to your marketing.


PPC allows for a tight control of budget. Determine how much you are willing to spend per day (ideally with some initial and ideal ideas of returns), and set that fixed limit.


PPC provides a laser-targeted way to get in front of potential customers. Ads can be targeted by search keywords, time of day, day of the week, geography, language, device and audiences based on previous visits. Organic traffic, by comparison, is far more scattershot.


While developing good organic visibility can take time, a PPC campaign can be created in days and ramped up in weeks. There is no faster way to get in front of customers at the very moment they are primed to buy than paid search engine advertising.

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Which is Better for My Business: SEO or PPC?

So which is better? Well, it depends on your industry and budget. Ideally, both SEO and a well-structured PPC campaign tend to lead to the best results for a business. You’ll quickly begin seeing more clicks and leads come in to ensure that your business is making money while you wait for your SEO efforts to pay off.

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