Which Campaign Is Better For You

Google Ads or Facebook Ads: which one is right for my business?

Both of these networks excel when it comes to delivering results because when it comes to online advertising, Google Ads and Facebook Ads dominate the industry.”

Marketing objectives are goals set by a business when promoting its products or services to potential consumers should be achieved within a given time frame. Marketing objectives are steps in a business strategy to promote the current standing of their brand and increase the impact of their products or services.

Which Campaign Is Better For You

Advertising campaigns are built to accomplish a particular objective or a set of objectives. Such objectives usually include establishing a brand, raising brand awareness, aggrandizing the rate of conversions/sales. The rate of success or failure in accomplishing these goals is reckoned via effectiveness measures.

Facebook advertising objectives

Your advertising campaign objective is what you want people to do when they see your ads.


  • Brand Awareness
    • Reach people who are more likely to pay attention to your adverts and increase awareness for your brand.
  • Local Awareness
    • Use the Local Awareness objective to reach people near your business.
  • Reach
    • Show your advert to the maximum number of people.


  • Traffic
    • Use the Clicks to Website objective to send people to your website.
  • Engagement – Post Engagement
    • Use the Page Post Engagement objective to boost your post.
  • Engagement – Page Likes
    • Use the Page Likes objective to promote your Facebook Page.
  • Engagement – Event Responses
    • Use this objective to get more people to see and respond to your event.
  • Engagement – Offer Claims
    • Use the Offer Claims objective to promote your offer.
  • App Installs
    • Use the App Installs objective to get people to install your app.
  • Video Views
    • Use the Video Views objective to get people to watch your video.
  • Lead Generation
    • Use this objective to create a form that will collect info from people, including sign-ups for newsletters, price estimates and follow-up calls.


  • Conversions
    • Use the Website Conversions objective to promote conversions on your website
  • Product Catalogue Sales
    • Create adverts that automatically show products from your product catalogue based on your target audience.
  • Store Visits
  • Promote multiple business locations to people who are nearby

Google advertising objectives

Using a goal eases your decision-making when you create a campaign in Google Ads by guiding you to the specific features designed to help your campaign succeed. When you create a campaign, you can select a goal.

#Build Awareness

The purpose behind the Build Awareness objective is to increase the number of people that see your advertisement. Google AdWords, in addition to boosting traffic, clicks, and conversions, is also an efficient way to tell people about your brand.

#Influence Consideration

One of the coolest benefits of  Google AdWords is reconnecting with your website visitors. 

#Drive Action

Influence consideration – The key is to measure the users who land on your website via a PPC link, funnel them into some variety of conversion, and then apply a strategy to turn that lead into a sale. Include a logical call to action on your landing page that continues to pull consumers through the sales funnel.

#Grow loyalty

Brand-engagement campaigns can help you: Increase interactions with your brand. Build more positive brand associations. Increase brand loyalty by connecting with your target audience. Motivate customers to engage with your brand and its associated products.

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